About Us

From a love of filling our home with plants came a small problem while we were renting....we wanted plants in every corner of every room and to have our plant babes hanging from the ceiling was the ultimate dream but as most renters can relate, putting holes in ceilings/walls is a general no no!

So we put our thinking caps on...Founder Han had a vivid memory from her childhood of her mum having indoor plants hanging from a pole that had hooks on it... So we set out to bring this cool arse pole back from the 80's with our own spin on it. 12 months in the making our first sample arrived and with a few tweaks here and there the Urban Greenhouse tension plant pole was born.

We are a small Australian owned and operated business with a love for all things plants and landscaping,  when we are not packing orders you will find us tending to our plants or working in the garden. You can see us below in our tropical gardens that we absolutely adored creating.

We are super excited that our little dream has finally come to reality and cannot wait for you to have your very own, easy to assemble Urban Greenhouse Plant Pole in your home.