How to Install

Have a small your space? Our tension poles will fit in almost any spot in your home.

From floor to ceiling or bench to ceiling our poles come standard to extend to 2.79m adding our extension will go up to 3.25m


How to Assemble and Install

Simply measure your ceiling height then assemble the two poles by placing the adjustable pole on top of the non adjustable pole. Place the short stopper on the top end and the long stopper on the bottom end of the pole and lay on to the floor.

With a measuring tape measure from end to end of the assembled pole and adjust the pole so that is it adjusted to 3-4cm higher than your ceiling height. 

Once correct length is achieved carefully pick up the pole and on an angle place the top of the pole with stopper attached in desired ceiling position, push gently up into the ceiling at the same time slide the base end of the pole so that it sits 90° angle with the floor. take a step back once you have into position to check that the pole is at 90° angle. You can also check to make sure it is at the correct angle by using a spirit level. 

From here you can attach the hooks;

To attach the hooks hold the smaller spiral end and place the wider spiral end up against the pole so that the pole sits between the spiral. 


Slightly tilt the hook out to the side as pictured at the same time spin the curled end of the hook so that is wraps around the pole.

Lower the top of the hook down so as to position the hook where you would like it to sit.

To adjust the hook up or down simply lift the smaller spiral straight up and then slide it to the position you would like it to be in.


It's important to ensure the hook is in the position you want it to be in prior to hanging you plant on the hook. We recommend holding the end of the hook with one hand and then placing the hanging plant with the other hand to ensure the hook is held in position as the hanging plant is placed.


To reposition the hook ALWAYS remove the hanging plant prior to moving, failure to do so may result in the hook and plant falling to the floor leading to potential breakage and not to mention the mess!!!

 Head over to our installation video to see just how easy it is to set up your tension plant pole.